This where Analog and Digital coexist.

These works are a synthesis of both real objects and digital content.

The process of making them can go back and forth. Sometimes I start with real materials, other times I start on the computer. Along the way I move from one side to the other, like a parallel paths, until eventually I find the right balance.

Some of these works are to be displayed separated. The series of paintings with their digital model, for example: the digital part will be displayed on a monitor or in print alongside the actual painting.

Other times, the works are integrated in one piece, as some works will contain both real materials and digital content.

Some drawings have both real pencil and digital canvas, for example, and some installations have video sound in integrated into the objects.

For me, this coexistence represents the essence of art and life.

It is the place where seeming opposites coexist, in a constant dialogue and friction, that generates the necessary energy to create significance.